Events of Lefkada

Religious feasts & festivals Source

On August 15th is the celebration of the Monastery of Faneromeni in Frini, above Lefkada Town. This is a popular pilgrimage on Lefkada island.
On the 7th of July, the locals celebrate the feast of Agia Kyriaki in the villages of Nydri and Vliho.

Cultural events Source

International Folklore Festival

The International Folklore Festival of Lefkada aims to reunite people with common traditions. It is held annually during the last week of August, including a parade and interesting events with famous dancing groups.

Traditional wedding

Traditional wedding In August, the residents of Karia organise a revival of a traditional wedding, during which the bride is decorated and then the wedding procession takes place.

Valaoritia Festival

This festival takes place in Nydri and it is dedicated to the memory of Aristotelis Valaoritis, an important poet with origin from Lefkada.